Thursday, March 4, 2010

Manny Pacquiao vs Joshua Clottey

The Manny Pacquiao vs Joshua Clottey fight is upcoming. This should be a difficult fight to pre-judge because Clottey in his fight against Cotto seemed to be a better fighter. The Pacman also stated that he thinks Clottey should have won that fight.
Having watched the Cotto-Clottey match I also think that Clottey won the fight. Cotto had a real difficult time and that could have told, then, he would have the same difficulty in the match with with Pacquiao which he eventually lost.

Now for the March 14, 2010 bout between Pacquiao and Clottey, it seems it will be a close fight. Both fighters show to have the stamina. The question is: Who will be throwing the harder and damaging punches? Both of them hit hard, but basing on their fights against Cotto, Pacquiao did more damage and obviously dominated the fight. Clottey was not able to show dominance over Cotto. He was not able to do as much damage that Pacquiao did.

The fight will be a toss up, slightly in favor of Pacquiao. Clottey will have to do a lot better than he did against Cotto or else he could be a goner.

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