Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Pacquiao gives away $135,000.00 in contest

A little over 3 weeks ago before Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao's bout with Clottey, he sponsored a 3-week contest in the USA for participants who would be able to reduce or shed weight significantly.  He offered to give anyone $20,000.00 who would be able to do this.  It was dubbed as Pacman’s "Biggest Loser" challenge.

The rule here is for participants to lose 15 percent of their body weight within the 3-week period. Participated in by 87 personnel and friends close to Pacquiao, 38 of them were able to meet the test and took home $3,000 each, bringing Pacquiao’s total prize close to $135,000 equivalent to P6,300,000.00, Philippine currency.
American Tim Sladeck, came out to be the best man in the weight loss challenge, won the top prize of $20,000 for losing the most in weight during the three-week contest .  He lost a total of 49 pounds, from 214 pounds to 165 pounds.  This is equivalent to shedding 22.5% of his body weight.

With this, there would be many again who would criticize him of giving away so much money for a contest that  benefited other than his countrymen.  Anyway, the newsbrief did not mention how many of the participants were his country men and how many of the 38 recipients of $3,000 were Filipinos.

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